F Kawaf photograph SIG Chair
Dr Fatema Kawaf
Greenwich Business School
N Yannopoulou photo Deputy Chair
Professor Natalia Yannopoulou
Newcastle University

Call for Papers – AM2021 Conference Competitive Workshop

The power of visual methods in understanding the ‘new normal’ (Deadline for submissions 15 March 2021)

Workshop conveners: Dr Fatema Kawaf (University of Greenwich), Professor Natalia Yannopoulou (Newcastle University) and Dr Ashleigh Logan-McFarlane (Edinburgh Napier University)

The power of visual enables us to empathetically comprehend human experience affording us unique ‘sensory ways of knowing’ and, compelling resonant representations. Today, as we seek to understand human experience, looking towards the digital realm is a necessity. Because, now more than ever before, our experiences are predominantly digital. As we battle a global pandemic, staying at home and existing in the digital realm is a necessity.

In this new normal, our everyday activities have shifted to an online form. From shopping to working, schools and universities, farewells and birthday parties; the very concept of living and socializing is dependent on digital connection. This fast-paced, data-rich, dynamic, social and visual world requires new ways of thinking. The epistemological gap in our understanding of these digital experiences is often a result of textual and static research methods which are not equipped to capture the nuances of highly visual, dynamic environments.

The prevalence of visual imagery in this ‘new normal’ calls for more thinking and discussions around the application of visual research methods to understand digital and digitally mediated experiences. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together those who are working with the visual: as a form of data, a methodological approach or, a way of communicating research output; to identify best practices and challenges of foregrounding the visual in research.

A new Visual Methods SIG has been recently established at the Academy of Marketing. The aim of this workshop is to kick start a lasting discussion, to create a wave of change in order to bring more emphasis and appreciation of the visual in Marketing and Consumer Research.

We particularly welcome those from outside the field of marketing to attend as visual research is, and continues to develop, as an interdisciplinary approach.

Submissions for this workshop should not exceed 500 words in the form of competitive short papers (excluding references). Submissions should clearly focus on the visual in experiences and interactions either in the form of data collection or as a methodological approach. Visual research outputs such as videography are also welcome along with an accompanying short summary. Full details on paper submissions are on the Academy of Marketing website.

Up to 15 participants will be selected to participate in the workshop as a result of the submissions received. The submissions will be used as the basis for developing workshop activities. Papers will be circulated to those attending which must be read in advance.

Pre-submission queries can be sent to:
Dr Fatema Kawaf: f.kawaf@greenwich.ac.uk
Professor Natalia Yannopoulou: natalia.yannopoulou@newcastle.ac.uk
Dr Ashleigh Logan-McFarlane: A.Logan-McFarlane@napier.ac.uk


Dr Fatema Kawaf and Professor Natalia Yannopoulou are delighted to welcome you to the Visual Methods Special Interest Group at the Academy of Marketing. The purpose of the group is to foster a dialogue and expand knowledge on visual and videographic research methodologies and issues among academics and business people and other groupings as appropriate. The SIG will be holding training events of using various visual research methods throughout the year. Please join the SIG as a member and follow our social media groups to stay up to date on the SIG news and activities.
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/242457730652216/
LinkedIn group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13942676/


  • Ultimately the goal is for this SIG to become a destination for researchers, academics and PhD students interested in conducting visual research to find support, guidance, resources, and training to enable them to successfully navigate and adopt the visual method relevant to their research.
  • Additionally, the SIG aims to foster an environment that facilitates interaction among academics, business people and policy makers relating to the use of visual and videography research.
  • Disseminate research findings, theoretical contributions, and successful business practices among members. We aim to achieve this by (1) establishing and running a visual and videography research track at the Academy of Marketing conference (TBC) annually (2) organizing seminars and webinars to allow presentations relating to visual research regularly
  • Various novel visual research methods are on the rise. Be it visual, videography or screencasting, evidently new methods require training and capacity building to allow researchers and PhD students to adopt these methods. As such the SIG will be predominantly focused on organizing and running training events regularly in order to enable this.


Membership of the SIG is free. The Visual Methods SIG is an international group open for academics, researchers and PhD students anywhere in the world!  To join, please visit: https://fatemakawaf.com/visual-methods/

Activities and Upcoming Events:

We will be announcing training workshops and webinars relating to visual research methods. The following events will be running in 2021 (DATES TO BE CONFIRMED):
1. Screencast Videography Workshop: How to conduct research using Screencast Videography
2. Video Analysis Training (Multimodality, Critical Incidents Analysis, using Nvivo)
3. Zaltman metaphor elicitation technique (ZMET)