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Damian Gallagher SIG Chair
Damian Gallagher
Ulster University Business School
Emma Wood SIG Co-Chair (Events and Festivals Marketing)
Emma Wood
Leeds Beckett University
SIG Co-Chair (Research Collaboration)
Richard Mitchell
Ulster University


The aim of the Special Interest Group in Sport and Event Marketing is to establish a team of like-minded academics and professionals who wish to:

  • Raise the level of recognition of and academic debate in the field of experiential marketing focusing on the events and sports sectors
  • Set a research agenda
  • Establish a collegiate network and potential research partners
  • Hold specialist conferences
  • Justify specialist tracks at established conferences
  • Target journals for publication
  • Propose and/or contribute to edited texts
  • Establish a new journal
  • Put together collective research bids
  • Bring theory and practice closer together

Sport and event marketing encompasses a wide range of event types and sport activities. Events include exhibitions, trade shows, publicity stunts and festivals of very type. Encompassing all ‘gatherings’ from the village fête to the Olympics as well as B2B activities such as corporate entertainment and sponsorship. In fact there are very few events which could not be used for a marketing purpose as all communicate something to a target audience. This particular type of experiential product is used to perform a number of marketing functions (for example communications, relationship and loyalty building, database compilation, targeting, brand enhancement and personal selling). Sport and sport events are a major part of this sector and have a dual purpose in marketing terms. They are both a product to be marketed and a medium through which other brands are marketed. The communicative and behavioural change potential of sports and events makes this a fascinating sector to work and research in.

Sport and event marketing is not, therefore, merely concerned with the product but provides a highly effective and innovative way of marketing which fits well with society’s demands in the 21st Century. It has the ability to deal with small groups or individuals, to be customised, to create interactivity, involvement and interest and to cut through the clutter of competing brands. Sporting activities and events can be and often are related to worthy causes and social responsibility and take an audience through from initial attention and interest to purchase, use, attendance, participation and post experience evaluation, reward and loyalty. Sport and event marketing is, therefore, experiential marketing in its practical form.

SIG Membership

Topic areas covered within the Sport and Event Marketing theme

As sport and marketing events range from product launches to trade shows, from mega-event sponsorship to small charity fundraisers the marketing implications are wide ranging and varied. Examples of the areas to be included within the activities of the SIG are given below, although this list is far from exhaustive.

  • The effectiveness of events as communication tools
  • Sport marketing and business
  • Experiential marketing through sport and events
  • Relationship marketing and business to business events
  • Linking sport and events to causes – social marketing
  • Brand building through sport and events
  • Leveraging the benefits of sport and event sponsorship
  • Corporate entertainment and key account management
  • Public relations, publicity events and press conferences
  • The impact of sports law and finance on marketing
  • Sport governance
  • The sustainable, strategic and commercial development of sport
  • Spectatorship & fandom

Who should join?  Anyone interested or involved in the above from a research, teaching or practitioner perspective.
SIG membership is open to both members and non-members of the Academy of Marketing, although only AM members have voting rights.

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