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Mona Moufahim SIG Chair
Mona Moufahim
University of Stirling
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Minita Sanghvi
Skidmore College

Political Marketing Conference 2020

4-5th June 2020, Leicester, United Kingdom

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Political Marketing: Beyond Campaigns, Parties and Orthodoxy to Movements, Society and Heterodoxy

We would like to invite you to the forthcoming international conference on political marketing. The focus of the conference (the theme) will be interdisciplinary perspectives on political marketing. The conference will seek to draw in submissions not just from those whose interests lay in orthodox political marketing including in such themes as electioneering, voter attitudes and behaviour, party campaign strategies, lobbying, and propaganda, but also those interested in unorthodox (and interdisciplinary) themes of political marketing such as the application of political marketing concepts, frameworks and theory to the marketing of social movements (including movements around brands), the marketing of ideology and companies’ uses of marketing for political/ideological ends.

For the full call for papers please download the event details: Call for Papers Special Interest Group on Political Marketing Conference 2020

Event website: https://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/business/news-and-events/events/2020/interdisciplinary-perspectives-on-political-marketing/overview

Deadline for Submission of Extended Abstract: 6th April 2020

The Political Marketing Special Interest Group was formed in 1997, in response to the increased application of marketing to political activity.  Extant research at the time focused on political advertising and election campaigning. Since the seminal work of Lock and Harris, however, which critically evaluated the application of marketing concepts to the political environment, the political marketing research agenda has expanded, taking in lobbying and referendum campaigning.

Political marketing research is interdisciplinary and research in this area is broad, focusing on, for instance, how marketing may create value for the political consumer; how it can increase citizens’ engagement with the political process in democratic societies around the world; and how advances in marketing theory may have an impact on political communication and discourse.

Although the use of marketing tools such as marketing research have been utilised for many years, researchers examine marketing concepts such as segmentation, targeting and positioning; branding; as well as the marketing mix, and politics as a service.  Others consider how advances in technology and the development of social media tools such as facebook and twitter can respond to the increasingly competitive political market place.

Some research takes a critical perspective on the impact of marketing upon the democratic process whilst others examine the methods of persuasion including propaganda. Overall the Political Marketing Special Interest Group is a vibrant hub for research in politics with an agenda to build a greater understanding of the applicability of marketing to politics.

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