Place Marketing & Branding SIG

Vish Maheshwari SIG Chair
Dr Vish Maheshwari
Staffordshire University

Welcome & Aims

Welcome to the Place Marketing and Branding SIG at the Academy of Marketing. Our aim is to become a hub for like-minded academics, practitioners and new researchers, involved in the area of place marketing & branding, who are keen to share ideas, stimulate constructive dialogue, collaborate on research opportunities, and engage in knowledge dissemination.

The subject areas of Place Marketing and Place Branding are growing in interest to academics, business people and policy makers. The Place Marketing & Branding SIG provides a platform for interaction between academics and practitioners actively involved with these matters, furthering and disseminating knowledge.  The SIG also facilitates focused engagement in debates on related issues within other fields including Place Management, Public Diplomacy, Brand Management, Communications, Behavioural Psychology, Geography and Health.

Our objectives are:

  • to provide interaction between academics and practitioners;
  • to facilitate networking between like-minded researchers and interested doctoral students working within area of place marketing and branding
  • to stimulate constructive debate on related issues;
  • to develop and disseminate knowledge supporting place marketing area
  • to nurture research collaboration between colleagues both nationally and internationally


Here you will a list of useful initial key readings on Place Marketing & Branding.
AM Place Marketing and Branding SIG Resources List