Place Marketing & Branding SIG

Heather Skinner SIG Co-Chair
Dr Heather Skinner
Institute of Place Management, Manchester Metropolitan University
Vish Maheshwari SIG Co-Chair
Dr Vish Maheshwari
Staffordshire University

Conferences & Events

Place Marketing & Branding Colloquium
Monday 10th December 2018, 10:30 – 15:30, Staffordshire University

Following on from the Inaugural meeting of the Academy of Marketing Place Marketing and Branding SIG held last year, our 2nd annual meeting of the SIG will take the form of a Colloquium to be held at Staffordshire Business School. As always, our focus is to be on supporting the development and publication of high quality research that furthers knowledge into the fields of Place Marketing and Branding.

The Colloquium welcomes presentations on any aspect of Place Marketing and Branding. In order to be considered for presenting your research at the colloquium, please submit a brief abstract of no more than 2 sides of an A4 on any one of the following aspects of a research project; working paper or idea you would like to develop:

  • Research Aim – why you are focusing on what you are focusing on? Is your aim expressed in a way that clearly explains the focus of your research? Why this idea now? What do you aim to find out? How will that contribute to knowledge?
  • Literature review / Contribution – what literature are you covering? Is it clear what body/bodies of literature you are engaging with? If you are aiming to contribute to knowledge then you must be clear which body / bodies of knowledge will gain from your contribution and in what way? Do you have a clear conceptual framework within which to undertake your research?
  • Methodology – what method do you propose to use? How best can you defend it?

Plenty of time will be allocated to discuss each of these aspects of your research with an expert panel of journal editors/reviewers. Time will also be allocated to discuss how best to disseminate your research and get your work published in an appropriate journal.

Attendance at this event is free of charge for Academy of Marketing members. If you are not already a member of the Academy of Marketing, attendance at this event is £60. (To join the Academy of Marketing and secure a free place at this event and find out about other benefits of Membership, visit the AM website)

Places are limited so early booking is recommended.
To book please send an e-mail to either of the SIG Co-Chairs:
Dr Heather Skinner
Prof Vish Maheshwari

Welcome & Aims

Welcome to the Place Marketing and Branding SIG at the Academy of Marketing. Our aim is to become a hub for like-minded academics, practitioners and new researchers, involved in the area of place marketing & branding, who are keen to share ideas, stimulate constructive dialogue, collaborate on research opportunities, and engage in knowledge dissemination.

The subject areas of Place Marketing and Place Branding are growing in interest to academics, business people and policy makers. The Place Marketing & Branding SIG provides a platform for interaction between academics and practitioners actively involved with these matters, furthering and disseminating knowledge.  The SIG also facilitates focused engagement in debates on related issues within other fields including Place Management, Public Diplomacy, Brand Management, Communications, Behavioural Psychology, Geography and Health.

Our objectives are:

  • to provide interaction between academics and practitioners;
  • to facilitate networking between like-minded researchers and interested doctoral students working within area of place marketing and branding
  • to stimulate constructive debate on related issues;
  • to develop and disseminate knowledge supporting place marketing area
  • to nurture research collaboration between colleagues both nationally and internationally

To join the SIG and receive regular news and updates via our mailing list please send an e-mail to


Here you will a list of useful initial key readings on Place Marketing & Branding.
AM Place Marketing and Branding SIG Resources List

Calls for Papers

6th Corfu Symposium on Managing & Marketing Places

6th – 9th May 2019, Connecting places

Places are connected to each other, either geographically, technologically, socially or politically. Places also connect people to each other and to other places. Places are formed and managed through both real and virtual partnerships and networks. The theme of the 6th Corfu Symposium on Managing & Marketing Places is to explore these connections between places and the people who use and inhabit them. Submissions of 1000 word abstracts to the Symposium are welcome on issues including, but not limited to:

  • Real and virtual partnerships, networks and connections within places and between places
  • Grass-roots participatory place making initiatives
  • Smart places and virtual worlds
  • City (and other) regions, and supra-national networks
  • Physical or virtual places that connect people to each other
  • Individual places that are connected to each other geographically, technologically, socially, or politically
  • Places that are connected to art, literature, popular media, culture and heritage, or that are connected to particular industries, geographies, topographies, or activities
  • Places that have consciously, deliberately, or inadvertently disconnected from others
  • Places that have consciously, deliberately, or inadvertently disconnected from former or historical place narratives

Each abstract should end with a summary paragraph explicitly identifying how the paper addresses the Symposium theme and the impact of the main theoretical or practical issues raised in the research on places, on the people who use them, or on those who manage them.

Organised by the Institute of Place Management this Symposium is an annual event dedicated to developing the theory and practice of place management and marketing held on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu. Unique amongst academic conferences, the Corfu Symposium on Managing & Marketing Places offers scholars the opportunity to engage directly with place making, management and marketing issues – as the Symposium includes local businesses, policy makers and other stakeholders eager to implement cutting-edge research that can make a positive difference to Corfu. Each year the Symposium includes a full social programme of activities including trips to local speciality craft and food producers, and visits to sites of interest around the island.


  • Submission of 1000 word abstract 17th December 2018 to
  • Decision on acceptance 4th February 2019
  • Final deadline for Registration 25th March 2019

Further information, including past Symposium Proceedings can be found at:

Download the full call: Corfu Symposium 2019 call for papers

Journal of Place Management and Development

Special Issue: From Place to Plate: Gastronomy and rural entrepreneurship
From a entrepreneurship and tourism point of view, people have long since travelled to ‘taste’ places and upon their return, accounts of what was eaten and imbibed form a major part of the stories. The net effect of these invisibly-imported souvenirs is that they transmit economic value as well as impressions and expectations of place, building up the destination brand, constructing and construing its aura and identity, and challenging its authenticity. The contributions here will have in common a concern with the power dynamics invested in the food politics of place, and provide a critical assessment of a so-called progressive sense of place from both theoretical and experiential perspectives. The full call for papers can be found here. Deadline 1st November 2018.