Welcome to the Marketing Communications SIG Webpage

Kathleen Mortimer SIG Chair
Kathleen Mortimer
University of Northampton
Helen Robinson Deputy Chair
Helen Robinson
Kingston University

About the SIG

Welcome to the home of the Marketing Communications SIG at the Academy of Marketing. Our aim is to be a friendly group of like-minded academics who are keen to share ideas, experiences and research opportunities to the benefit of all. The purpose of the group is to enable and encourage dialogue and cooperation between academics and practitioners who work, teach and/or research in the area of Marketing Communications.

Members of the group will be able to share ideas, experiences and knowledge in the area which may lead to the development of new teaching activities, creation of new research avenues or influence marketing communications practice.Marketing Communications, in this context, is considered to encompass all communication between an organisation and its publics which may have an impact on how an organisation or its brands are perceived. By adopting this “integrative” stance, it therefore includes Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Internal Communications, Direct Marketing, Advertising, Personal selling and Sales Promotion and the variety of media that these tools may adopt encompassing both traditional and social media.

The Marketing Communications Special Interest Group has four objectives:

  • Facilitate interaction among academics, business people and policy makers.
  • To develop or strengthen links and cooperation with international colleagues
  • Foster and encourage research in Marketing Communications
  • Disseminate research findings, theoretical contributions and successful business practices among members and other interested parties.