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Kate Armstrong SIG Chair
Dr Kate Armstrong
Matteo Montecchi Deputy Chair
Matteo Montecchi
Charlotte Rutter Deputy Chair
Charlotte Rutter

News & Events

The SIG is holding a Micro Event: ‘Getting Published’on 2 November 2016. Kindly hosted by: The University of Manchester. More details

Aims of the SIG

The purpose of the group is to foster a dialogue and expand knowledge on Fashion Marketing + Consumption issues among academics and industry and other groupings as appropriate. The group is designed to meet the needs of faculty who have been teaching in this area and want to explore specific issues in more depth, would like to incorporate relevant materials into their existing marketing courses, would like to conduct research in the area, who would like to exchange ideas about teaching and/or research issues, or would like access to resources that could be used for research and/or classroom activities.

We welcome those primarily from the academic community but the FMC SIG encourages those working in the fashion industry and marketing & fashion marketing students and everyone else in-between.  Our aim is to have one micro-event each year centred around relevant issues pertinent to the industry.  We propose a FMC Symposium to be held annually in September each year that will provide an opportunity for academic and industry research to be presented and critically reviewed.


The Fashion Marketing + Consumption Special Interest Group has five objectives:

  • Actively support the AM conference: carry out the role of track chair and manage the review process prior to the conference
  • Facilitate interaction among academics, business people and policy makers
  • Promote the globalization of marketing courses and education and learning
  • Foster research on related issues, and
  • Disseminate research findings, theoretical contributions, and successful business practices among members.

Contact and Social Media

Please follow us on @the_nidus our Twitter handle for the SIG.

We chose nidus because it is defined as: a point or place at which something originates, accumulate, or develops.  A place in which something is formed.  A site of origin. Nidus is inspired by our expertise in fashion marketing + consumption and represents the collective of SIG members who are educators, authors and those working in the fashion industry.

LinkedIn group: https://www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=8403464