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Fifth AUS-Chalhoub Symposium on Global Luxury Consumption

November 8–9, 2020, Dubai and Sharjah, UAE

American University of Sharjah is home to the Chalhoub Group Professorship in Luxury Brand Management, a center of excellence for research and teaching in luxury marketing. This boutique event aims to bring together the latest thinking in luxury as it pertains to the Middle East region and also globally.
We invite extended abstracts (maximum seven pages including a cover page) from academics and practitioners for consideration for presentation. Authors of the best papers presented at the conference will be invited to submit a full paper for possible publication in a special issue of International Marketing Review (2018 impact factor 3.447). The deadline for submission of full papers for the IMR special issue will be February 28, 2021.

Abstracts must be submitted by June 15, 2020.

For more information download the Event Details and Call for Papers: Fifth AUS-Chalhoub Symposium on Global Luxury Consumption Call for Papers

Special Issue Call for Papers – Journal of Consumer Behaviour

Contemporary Personality Perspectives in Consumer Behaviour

Guest Editors: Dr Nina Michaelidou and Dr Nikoletta Theofania Siamagka

Over the past decades and in recent years, there has been impactful scholarly research on how psychological constructs impact consumer behaviour (e.g., Barone, Miniard, & Romeo, 2000; Campbell, & Winterich, 2018; Grewal, Hmurovic, Lamberton, & Reczek, 2019; Häfner, 2004; Schmitt, Brakus, & Zarantonello, 2015; Youn & Kim, 2019). However, research specifically on personality in contemporary contexts is very scarce, particularly within the discipline of marketing and consumer behaviour. Personality is a powerful tool, which is said to explain behaviour in multiple contexts (e.g., digital, health, social, wellbeing etc). Interestingly, despite the relevance of personality in explaining behaviour, we currently lack sufficient understanding of the personality mechanisms that shape consumer behaviour. As consumer interactions with each other and with brands change, the need to revisit the impact of personality on consumer behaviour becomes of outmost importance. An increasing number of scholars call for more systematic research in the area, including the structure and interactions of personality in different contexts as well as new methodological approaches (e.g., Bock, Eastman, & Eastman, 2018; Huynh, & Olsen, 2015; Lynn, Muzellec, Caemmerer, & Turley, 2017). This special issue constitutes a platform, where innovative research will be provided in order to enhance understanding of how personality theory impacts choices, behaviours, and consumption. In summary, the aim of this special issue is to offer insights into the contemporary interconnections between personality and behaviour/consumption in varied contexts.

The guest editors invite submissions offering new studies and original insights into the links between these research areas. All rigorous conceptual and empirical works are welcome, and suggested topics include but are not limited to:

    • The role of self-identity, identity-expressiveness and self-concept in consumer behaviour and consumption
    • Variety, novelty and sensation seeking in consumer behaviour context
    • Need for cognition/emotion in consumption
    • The role of need for uniqueness, cognition and affect in consumer choice and brand purchase
    • Consumer innovativeness and opinion leadership
    • The impact of personality, self-identity and self-concept on consumer behaviour in the context of experiential marketing
    • New technological environments (e.g. social media, mobile apps) and the interaction with personality
    • The role of self-construal on consumer interactions with brands
    • Advances in understanding personality traits in relation to health and wellbeing
    • Personality trait influences and self-concept considerations in the decision to buy domestic versus foreign products

The deadline for submissions is February 15th, 2020. Manuscripts should be submitted through the Journal’s editorial system.


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