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Dr Elvira Bolat
Bournemouth University

4th B2B Marketing Colloquium

Topic: Innovation in B2B Marketing
Date: 6 October 2017 Venue: Bournemouth University, UK
Deadline for Submission of Structured Abstracts 15 June 2017

Download the full call for papers and event information PDF: 4th B2B MARKETING COLLOQUIUM Call for Papers

Unprecedented advances in information and communication technologies have transformed how B2B firms approach their markets and conduct business. As a result, new business models are adopted by B2B firms from a wide variety of industries e.g. banking, insurance, consultancies, advertising and marketing agencies and e-retailing industry. For example, Amazon, initially a B2C firm, has become a platform for the sale of goods from other suppliers, as well as a cloud-services platform used by, for example, many banks. Such innovation in B2B marketing translates a shift in a firm’s vision, mission, strategies, technological prowess and market performance.
To-date, B2B research has examined the success factors for B2B firms, but with little attention being paid to innovation in B2B marketing. This has resulted in limited knowledge of the new business models adopted by B2B firms as well as their B2B marketing strategy, and this could affect the theory and practice of B2B marketing. The need to address innovation in B2B marketing provides the topical basis for this Call for Papers. Relevant topics for the colloquium include (but are not limited to):

  • Value co-creation in B2B firms, marketing service suppliers/agencies, commercial partners, customers and the wider ecosystem
  • B2B Trust, due diligence and governance in the ecosystem
  • The role of internal/external  B2B communication and knowledge management
  • B2B Customer relationship management, supply chain management and logistics
  • Legal and regulatory changes for B2B firms, e.g. growth of patent applications, issues of intellectual property as indicators of R&D and innovation activities, accountability and governance
  • Impact of technological changes on B2B firms, e.g. digitalizing the business, its supply chain and ecosystem
  • B2B Marketing automation
  • How social media affects B2B firms’ intelligence gathering and marketing
  • B2B Analytics
  • Data privacy and protection for B2B firms
  • B2B firms’ adoption of new business models and their impact on competition
  • B2B firms’ movement from product to solutions marketing
  • Outsourcing of marketing, service and IT (including cloud) for B2B firms
  • B2B firms’ management of organizational issues e.g.- IT vs Marketing vs Sales vs Service
  • How to generate innovation in B2B firms

This colloquium will provide academics and practitioners with the unique opportunity to explore and discuss innovation in B2B marketing in an open, friendly and informal atmosphere.
Best papers will be selected for a potential publication in the Journal of Business to Business Marketing.
Please send questions regarding the special issue to Kaouther Kooli on kkooli@bournemouth.ac.uk

Download the full call for papers and event information PDF: 4th B2B MARKETING COLLOQUIUM Call for Papers

Objectives of the B2B SIG

The Academy of Marketing’s Special Interest Group in Business to Business (B2B) marketing aims to explore the recent challenges and debates surrounding B2B marketing, to foster a dialogue and to expand knowledge amongst academic, practitioners and research students. The group also aims to facilitate building networks and collaborations among individuals interested in B2B marketing in order to promote research and publication.

The objectives of the SIG are to:

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