Welcome to the Arts, Heritage, Nonprofit & Social Marketing SIG Webpage

SIG Chair
Dr Chloe Preece
Royal Holloway, University of London

Deputy Chair, with responsibility for Arts Marketing – Professor Finola Kerrigan, University of the Arts London
Deputy Chair, with responsibility for Heritage Marketing – Prof Anne-Marie Hede, Victoria University
Deputy Chair, with responsibility for NonProfit Marketing – Dr Rita Kottasz, Kingston University
Deputy Chair, with responsibility for Social Marketing – Dr Stephan Dahl – Hull University Business School

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Virtual, informal workshop on: Difficulties, Struggles and Failures

Unfortunately, given the global pandemic, we have had to cancel the 2020 Colloquium which would usually happen in September. Although this is disappointing, we look forward to seeing you in person at the annual AM conference next summer as well as at the 2021 Colloquium. In the meantime, we are organising an informal, virtual workshop instead of the colloquium as a way to keep our community engaged. We therefore invite you, amidst all the talk of resilience, to let down your hair and join us for an honest discussion of our current research-related difficulties, struggles and failures. There is no denying that despite our best efforts, we are all facing moments of rational – and irrational – alarm, dread, anxiety, shame and distress. We seek to counter this with an honest – and dare we say it, cathartic – exchange. So, bring the comedic or tragic research-related problems you are currently struggling with to the (virtual) table: whether it’s lack of time to write that opus due to the impossibilities of home-schooling, lack of concentration to focus on anything due to the general state of the world, mounting terror at next year’s virtual workload, or rising panic in failing to find a response to Reviewer 2. As a group we can grapple with these issues and perhaps even provide support and solutions.

The virtual workshop will take place on Friday the 11th of September 2020, from 2 – 5pm
Opening keynote by Professor Anthony Patterson, Lancaster University. The workshop will be followed by virtual drinks (unfortunately, you’ll have to have your own quarantinis ready!)

If you wish to participate please send an abstract of maximum 1 paragraph detailing your ‘difficulty, struggle or failure’ by the 6th July 2020. Presentations will be of no more than 10 minutes followed by discussion. Both academic and practitioner concerns are welcome.

There will be no cost to participate or attend, please email chloe.preece@rhul.ac.uk for details to join.

Arts, Heritage, NonProfit and Social Marketing SIG (AHNPSM SIG) at the Academy of Marketing.

The aim of this SIG is to bring together scholars and practitioners in the marketing of the arts and heritage, and in nonprofit and social marketing in order to help:

  • Stimulate academic debate in the field
  • Provide a networking resource
  • Hold specialist conferences
  • Justify specialist tracks at established conferences
  • Target journals for publication of special issues
  • Put together collective research bids
  • Develop research agendas.

The AHNPSM SIG is a group of Academy of Marketing members who seek to proactively renew and deepen scholarly work within the two strands of arts/heritage and nonprofit/social marketing. These two strands have many areas of commonality which warrant their grouping under one SIG umbrella, and yet are sufficiently distinctive to require separate handling. The two-strand arrangement is designed to retain the connection with common theoretical and professional issues, while leaving space for each strand to develop as it needs.

For arts and heritage scholars, this involves connecting arts and heritage marketing with theoretical developments in mainstream managerial marketing, as well as with developments in leisure, consumption, heritage, tourism and cultural studies (and other fields), and with new conceptual developments in the many arts sectors with which SIG members engage, for example film, theatre, opera, popular and classical music, and fine art. On the nonprofit and social marketing side, SIG members engage with the ways in which business practices connect to wider societal issues, including issues such as social marketing, nonprofit marketing, corporate social responsibility, cause-related marketing, fundraising, sponsorship, and so on. The research carried out within the two strands of the SIG both draws upon and seeks to inform the wider body of marketing theory in an interactive exchange within the Academy. Important, also, in the work of SIG members are the regular dialogue with professional practitioners and the continual renewal of pedagogical practice and content, both of which are facilitated by the energetic pursuit of inventive research approaches and projects.

A key objective of the SIG is to encourage members to identify possible activities that would benefit the members in developing and disseminating their work. We have an annual colloquium where members are invited to present their work and hear about the work of others, and we are happy to help in organising other events throughout the year.

For any queries or further information please contact SIG chair Chloe Preece.


Please find below some starter lists for those who may be new to the subject area.

Arts Marketing Resource List
Social & Nonprofit Resource List


There are two networking resources operated by the SIG, one for Arts/Heritage marketing and one for NonProfit/Social Marketing. Membership of both is international.

  • To join the Arts/Heritage Marketing e-list, please click here. (Contact, Dr Terry O’Sullivan, Open University)
  • To join the NonProfit/Social Marketing e-list, please click here. (Contact, Dr Sarah Forbes, University of Birmingham)

Note: since some SIG postings are relevant to both lists, this will result occasionally in cross-posting.