Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2021

Congratulations to the successful projects:

Pilar Rojas Gaviria, University of Birmingham, The Interplay between Consumption and Embodied Discourse during Times of Transition: Catharsis amid Horror and Confusion in Menopause
Leah Gillooly, Manchester Metropolitan University, An exploration of queuing and associated consumer experience(s)
Sianne Gordon-Wilson, University of Portsmouth, Animated, Anthropomorphic and Verbal Elements in Recycling Communication
Jessie Qun Ren, Solent University, Social exchange theory in B2B relationships: An exploration of the mechanisms generating cooperation – A dyadic multiple case study
Mona Moufahim, University of Stirling, Religion tourism consumption and management: a study of pilgrimage to multi-faith cultural and religious heritage sites in Postwar Lebanon
Katie Casey, University of Kent, Between Waste and Want: Disposing Objects of Ambiguous Value

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2019

Congratulations to the successful projects:

Jack Coffin & Christian Eichert, Alternative Marketplaces of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP): An Exploration of Consumer-Activist Cultures in the United Kingdom, University of Manchester (ECR)

Lisa Harkness Creating Social Value in Post Conflict Places: The Case of Northern Ireland and Croatia, Ulster University (ECR)

Rita Kottasz, Driverless Futures: A customer value proposition for non-customers of conventional cars, Kingston University

Carmen Lopez, Does an influencer have to exist to be authentic? Brighton Business School

Amin Nazifi & Holger Roschk, An Empirical Examination of the Effectiveness of Gamification in a Service Recovery Context, University of Strathclyde (ECR)

Aggelos Panayiotopoulos, Heritage Consumption and Memories of Migration, Cardiff Metropolitan University (ECR)

Rebecca Scott and Ulrike Gretzel, Killer wave? An exploration into the wifi refugees, Cardiff University

Máire O Sullivan, Creating a consumer market: the socialisation of multiple generations as consumers of menstrual goods, Edge Hill University (ECR)


Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2018

Congratulations to the successful projects:

Photo of Lisa O'Malley, Stephanie Anderson, Amy Goode and Anne Marie DohertyStephanie Anderson, University of Glasgow & Amy Goode, University of Stirling:
‘It takes a village’: Crafting Continuity through Community-driven Informal Economies (ECR)


Madeline Powell, University of Sheffield:
Relationship Building in Social Enterprise: Social Value Creation and Financial Sustainability

Rahul Chawdhary, Kingston University:
Investigating the boomerang effect of recipient’s reaction to sender’s recommendation on the sender’s own firm and self-related outcomes: moderating effect of narcissism and involvement (ECR)

Photo of Lisa O'Malley, Helen Bruce, Emma Banister and Anne Marie DohertyHelen L Bruce, Lancaster University and Emma Banister, Alliance Manchester Business School:
Community-Level Consumer Vulnerability: Examining Life in a Nuclear Community


Katie Dunn, Sheffield Hallam University:
Does online chatter matter? The moderating role of user-generated content on consumer trust and scepticism towards corporate social responsibility communication (ECR)

Martina Hutton, University of Winchester:
Narratives of Vulnerability: Disrupted Consumption Lives of Ex-offenders

Adele Gruen, Goldsmiths, University of London:
The Strategic Role of Consumption in New Ways of Working: the Case of Coworking (ECR)

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2017

The successful projects are:

The role of generativity in the transference of family heirlooms
Navdeep Athwal, University of Sheffield Management School

AM2017 Research Funding Recipient Sarah-Louise MitchellTelling a Different Story: How Storytelling by Charity Brands Signals Typicality and Differentiation
Sarah-Louise Mitchell (pictured, right), Henley Business School, University of Reading

Commercialising Tribal Celebrities: How are Tribal Markets Legitimised?
Rebecca Watkins, Cardiff University

Going in circles? Mainstreaming Engagement in The Circular Economy
Kat Duffy, University of Glasgow

From Compassion to Defence: Exploring Service Brands’ Trust Repair Mechanisms across Traditional and Digital Media
Elvira Bolat, Bournemouth University,

AM2017 Research Funding recipients Teresa Heath and Elizabeth NixonThe influence of the imagination: examining the role of daydreaming in encouraging responsible consumption
Teresa Heath & Elizabeth Nixon (pictured, right), University of Nottingham

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2016

This year competition for the Academy of Marketing Research Bursaries was intense with 31 applicants, of which 13 were in the Early Career Researcher Category. All of the applications were double blind reviewed including by at least one subject specialist and a member of the Academy of Marketing Research Committee. The successful projects are:

Exploring Use of Technical and Visual Information in Online Consumer Evaluation: A Study of Wearable Technology
Sahar Karimi (ECR), Edge Hill University

Value Co-Creation in Temporary, Independent Retailing: A Study of Consumer Value Perceptions of Pop-Up Stores
Carley Foster, Nottingham Trent University

Enhancing the performance outcomes of Firm Servitization efforts: Key Capabilities and Network resources
Jamie Burton, Alliance Manchester Business School, Vicky Story, Loughborough University, Chris Raddats, University of Liverpool Management School, and Judy Zolkiewski Alliance Manchester Business School

Creolized Sonic Ecology: Sound, Spaces and Consumer Subjectivities in New Orleans
Maurice Patterson, University of Limerick and Gretchen Larsen University of Durham

Multichannel Shopping: The Effect of Spatiotemporal Proximity to Retail Centres on Chanel Patronage and Propensity to Multichannel Usage
Patricia Harris, Francesca Dall’Olmo Riley, Chris Hand, Debra Riley, Helen Robinson, Jaywant Singh, Kingston University Business School.

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2015

The successful applicants for AMRC Research Funding were announced at the 2015 Conference in Limerick. They were:

Dr Morven McEachern (University of Salford) Project Title: Social Supermarkets: Unlocking the social value of UK Food Retailing
Dr Julie Robson and Ms Samreen Ashraf (Bournemouth University) Project Title: Perceptions and use of pension savings: the case of South Asian consumers living in the UK

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2014

The successful applicants for AMRC Research Funding were announced at the 2014 Conference in Bournemouth. They were:

Dr Francesca Dall’Olmo Riley, Patricia Harris and Helen Robinson (Kingston University) for Single and Multichannel Purchase Behaviour: A Typology of Grocery Shoppers
Dr Nicole Koenig-Lewis (Cardiff University) and Professor Adrian Palmer (ESC Rennes, France) for Adoption of Ecologically Friendly Packaging Material – An Assessment Using Implicit Association Test
Dr Lara Stocchi and Dr Nina Michaelidou (Loughborough University) for Antecedents and Outcomes of Consumer Perceptions of M-brands

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2013

The successful applicants for the Academy of Marketing Research Initiative Funding were:

Dr Xinming He (Durham University) for How to Benefit from Market Seeking in China? The Impact of Institutional Environment, Subsidiary Ownership Structure and Experience (The project proposed by Dr. Xinming He was the recipient of the European Journal of Marketing Award for Research in Marketing. Our thanks to Emerald for their support in this area of the Academy’s activities.)
Joao Sá Oliveira  & Professor John W. Cadogan (Loughborough University) for The Empirical Link between the Multiple Dimensions of Export Marketing Strategy Standardisation/Adaptation and Export Performance: A Contingency Theory Approach
Dr Nilanthi Ratnayake (Hull University) for Psycho-physiological investigation on overeating/obesity to devise precautionary strategies
Dr Louise M Hassan (Bangor University) for Understanding the relationship between place and tobacco consumption through the lens of place attachment

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2012

The successful applicants for the Academy of Marketing Research Initiative Funding were:

Professors Andrew Alexander & Christoph Teller (Surrey Business School) for Assessing the Boundary Spanning Activities of Retail Store Managers. (The project proposed by Professors Alexander and Teller was the recipient of the European Journal of Marketing Award for Research in Marketing. Our thanks to Emerald for their support in this area of the Academy’s activities.)
Dr Ben Kerrane (Manchester Business School) & Dr Shona M Bettany (Hull University Business School) for Siblings as Socialization Agents: Exploring the role of ‘sibship’ in the consumer socialization of children.
Dr Caroline Moraes (Birmingham Business School) & Dr Nina Michaelidou (School of Business & Economics, Loughborough University) for Participant-Observation Research on Social Media: Are consumers fully aware of how they are being researched and do they have any ethical concerns?

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2011

Successful applicants for the funding were announced at the Academy of Marketing Conference in July 2011. They were:

Dr Fiona Harris, Open University Business School & ISM-Open, & Dr Paul Harrison, Deakin Graduate School of Business, Centre for Sustainable and Responsible Organisations, The effectiveness of positively framed messages in social marketing

Dr Maria Teresa S. Pereira Heath, Nottingham University Business School. The Marketing of “Marketing”: Bringing Consumers’ Voices into Critical Discussion of the Discipline.

Dr Kathryn Waite Heriot Watt University, Priceless or Price-tagged? An exploration of the value placed on their digital identity by UK and US young adults.

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2010

Dr Carley Foster and Professor Clare Brindley, Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University: Women in marketing: an exploration

Dr Catherine J Ashworth, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School (MMUBS): The Impact of Social Media on SME Online Retailing in the Fashion Sector

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2009

The 2009 award winners presented their research at the 2010 AM Conference hosted by Coventry University:

Lee Quinn, Manchester Metropolitan University and Sally Dibb, Open University Business School: Evaluating Market Segmentation Research Priorities: Targeting Re-emancipation

Li-Wei Mai and Wallard Liplinca, Westminster Business School: Gay Targeted Advertising in Mass Media: an examination of the interpretations and attitudes of target and non-target consumers

Paul Hewer, University of Strathclyde, Douglas Brownlie, University of Stirling and Mark Tadajewski, University of Leicester: On narrative inquiry and historicism in marketing: An oral history of the Marketing Education Group

Three of the awards were funded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing Charitable Trust.

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2008

Dr Thorsten Gruber, (Manchester Business School), Dr Stephan Henneberg (Manchester Business School) and Dr Alexander Reppel (Royal Holloway, University of London): Complaint Management in Business-to-Business Relationships

Dr Ben Lowe (Kent Business School – corresponding contact) and Professor Bradley Barnes (Kent Business School): A Comparision of Promotional Strategies for Market Penetration: Effects Upon Consumer Perceptions of Fairness and Value

Dr Caroline Oates (University of Sheffield): Identifying and Analysing the Frequency and Nature of Food Content in UK Children’s Television Programmes

Lorna Young (Oxford Brookes), (corresponding author) and Jillian Farquhar (Oxford Brookes): Plying with Matches: Engaging the Community in Football

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2007

Ian Grant, University of Strathclyde, and Stephen Tagg, University of Strathclyde: Brand Embarrassment: Conceptualising aversion and awkwardness in branded consumption

Nina Michaelidou, University of Birmingham, and Louise M. Hassan, University of Stirling and the Open University: Who are we fooling? The contribution of self-delusion in understanding decision making

Janet Ward, Newcastle University: Marketing Teaching & Learning in Second Life: An Opportunity or an Illusion! (The award to Janet Ward is partly sponsored by the CIM Charitable Trust, who have provided £500 sponsorship for a Special Award for Teaching and Learning.)

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2006

Paul Hewer and Douglas Brownlie (both University of Stirling): Tactics of Consumer Resistance – Exploring ‘de-badging’ as a culture of consumption

Yainnis Kouropalatis (Cardiff University): Facing discontinuity through peripheral vision: Strategic Marketing Implications

Anne Souchon and Paul Hughes (both Loughborough University): Improvising Export Decisions – A Contingency Theory Perspective.

Angela Tregear (University of Edinburgh), Mary Brennan (University of Newcastle) and Sharron Kuznesof (University of Newcastle): Investigating Critical Approaches in Undergraduate Marketing Curricula.

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2005

Pauline Bell (Glasgow Caledonian University): An Exploration of Factors Affecting the Consumer Behaviour of Mothers in Relation to Food Choices for pre-school Children

Paul Baines (Cranfield University), Ross Brennan (Middlesex University) and Mark Gill (Ipsos, MORI): Perceptions of Research in Marketing: perspectives from the academic and professional marketing research communities

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2004

Ross Brennan (Middlesex University) and Michael Harker (Strathclyde University): Getting it together in e-marketing: management practice and curriculum development

Douglas Brownlie (Stirling University): Visualising Learning – On the Aesthetics of Poster Design & Display

Dan Petrovici (University of Kent at Canterbury): Consumers’ attitudes to advertising in emerging markets: the case of Romania

Riliang Qu (Aston University): Market Orientation in Multinational Corporations’ UK Subsidiaries

Gianfranco Walsh (Koblenz University), Thorsten Hennig Thurau (Bauhaus-University of Weimar), Markus Groth (University of New South Wales and University of Sydney) Linda Ward (Open University), Angus Laing (Glasgow University) and Fiona Harris (Open University): Self-Service Technology – Losing Control of the Service Encounter?