Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2019

Congratulations to the successful projects:

Jack Coffin & Christian Eichert, Alternative Marketplaces of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP): An Exploration of Consumer-Activist Cultures in the United Kingdom, University of Manchester (ECR)

Lisa Harkness Creating Social Value in Post Conflict Places: The Case of Northern Ireland and Croatia, Ulster University (ECR)

Rita Kottasz, Driverless Futures: A customer value proposition for non-customers of conventional cars, Kingston University

Carmen Lopez, Does an influencer have to exist to be authentic? Brighton Business School

Amin Nazifi & Holger RoschkAn Empirical Examination of the Effectiveness of Gamification in a Service Recovery Context, University of Strathclyde (ECR)

Aggelos Panayiotopoulos, Heritage Consumption and Memories of Migration, Cardiff Metropolitan University (ECR)

Rebecca Scott and Ulrike Gretzel, Killer wave? An exploration into the wifi refugees, Cardiff University

Máire O Sullivan, Creating a consumer market: the socialisation of multiple generations as consumers of menstrual goods, Edge Hill University (ECR)