The Academy of Marketing is a Learned Society catering for the needs of marketing researchers, educators and professionals. The organisation’s primary purpose is the advancement of Marketing knowledge as a rounded discipline and profession.

With respect to the Annual Conference the guiding Principles and Philosophy of the Academy of Marketing are:

1. To provide a forum for the presentation and evaluation of research undertaken by the members of the Academy and those subscribing to its objectives.
2. To provide a network for research in marketing principally for those working in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
3. To foster a broad variety of methodological approaches and research issues in marketing and encourage cross-fertilisation between approaches.
4. To keep the total cost of the Conference affordable for the members of the Academy.
5. To support young researchers in the field of marketing, particularly through the organisation of a Doctoral Colloquium immediately prior to the main Conference.
6. To develop an agenda of research topics and integrate this with the Academy’s ongoing research activities.
7. To recognise contributions to the marketing discipline.
8. To carry out any activity which the Academy considers in any way to promote any or all of the purposes as set out above.

The Annual Conference is the major event held under the brand of the Academy. As such it is integral to the services offered to our membership and it is vital that the event is managed in a professional way by the Conference Host.

Tendering Process

We are currently seeking Academy of Marketing Annual Conference hosts for 2021 and 2022. The document (Academy of Marketing Conference Proposal Form 2021-2022)  details expectations of conference hosts, their responsibilities and information required for inclusion in a conference host proposal document.

All proposals will be considered by the Academy of Marketing Executive Committee. The Committee meets three times per annum, normally December, March, and July. Proposals can be discussed with the Chair, Professor Anne Marie Doherty, and Dr Anne Foy, Academy of Marketing Administrator, at any time prior to submission of the formal proposal.

Proposals for hosts for the Annual Academy of Marketing Conference 2021 must be submitted no later than 1 February 2019, to Dr Anne Foy, Academy of Marketing Administrative Office These proposals will be discussed at the Executive Committee meeting to be held in March 2019 and a decision on the 2021 conference host will be announced at the AGM in July 2019.

It is intended that decisions on hosts for the  2022 conference will occur no later than two years in advance of the conference date.

Please download the Academy of Marketing Conference Proposal Form 2021-2022 which includes full details of the Academy’s expectations and the Proposal process.