Marketing the Brave
University of Stirling
2-5 July 2018

AM2018 Best paper in ConferenceAM2018 Best Paper in Conference (Sustainability Track)

Andreea Oniga
Promoting Pro-environmental Behaviour through the Marketing Use of Implementation Intentions
Sponsored by Journal of Marketing Management

AM2018 Most Innovative Paper in ConferenceAM2018 Most Innovative Paper in Conference (Consumer Culture Theory Track)

Gary Sinclair, Norah Campbell & Sarah Browne
Apocalyptic objects: The Bug-out Bag as an Emblematic Object of Extreme Preparation
Sponsored by the Marketing Trust

AM2018 Track Prize Arts & Heritage photoAM2018 Arts and Heritage Track Prize

Victoria Rodner
Institutionalizing Entrepreneurs – The Case of Brazil’s Forum for Cultural Rights


AM2018 B2B Track Prize photoAM2018 Business to Business Track Prize

Jessica Kolodziej & Kyoko Fukukawa
Valuable Leads: Marketing Automation In The Case Of a B2B Company
Sponsored by Westburn, Journal of Customer Behaviour

AM2018 Critical Marketing Track Prize

Oliver Moss & Tom Mordue
Understanding the power of the Hardy angling brand: an investigation of the symbolic, material and natural relations that have made a global icon
Sponsored by SAGE

AM2018 Emarketing and Digital Track Prize photoAM2018 E Marketing and Digital Marketing Track Prize

Nigel Coates & Janet Ward
Developing Cultural Competence in a Highly Interactive Social Media Environment
Sponsored by StratX

AM2018 Entrepreneurial and Small Business Marketing Track Prize photoAM2018 Entrepreneurial & Small Business Marketing Track Prize

Sarah Lord Ferguson, Leyland Pitt, Ian McCarthy & Emily Rousseau
Scaling a Hobby Business: The Case of JM Reid Bamboo Rods

AM2018 Tourism Track Prize photoAM2018 Tourism Track Prize

Andrew Dean
The Enchanted Snake and the Forbidden Fruit: Ayahuasca ‘Fairy Tale’ Tourism
Sponsored by The National Wallace Monument

AM2018 Marketing Communications Track Prize photoAM2018 Marketing Communications Track Prize

Jacqueline Lynch
Breaking Boundaries: Is Team Diversity Changing in Ad Agencies? An Exploratory Investigation

AM2018 Marketing of Higher Education Track Prize

Leonie Muders, Eleftherios Alamanos & Sjoerd Beugelsdijk
The Country of Origin effect in the context of Higher Education. The implications of Brexit on students’ attitudes towards UK Universities

AM2018 Services and Customer Relationship Marketing Track Track Prize

Mohamed Sobhy Temerak & Nermeen Elsaadany
How do customers’ perceptions of the firm and other customers predict their proactive and reactive helping behavior?

AM2018 Consumer Behaviour Track Prize photoAM2018 Consumer Behaviour Track Prize

Tony Garry, Tracy Harwood & Jason Boomer
Value transformation in the ‘let’s play’ gaming sub-culture
Sponsored by Pearson

AM2018 Sustainability Track Prize photoAM2018 Sustainability Track Prize

Breda McCarthy & Hong-Bo Liu
Food waste within eco-friendly households: modelling the factors that have an impact on food waste levels
Sponsored by Westburn, Social Business

AM2018 Marketing Research Method track prize photoAM2018 Marketing Research and Methodology Track Prize

Sarah Forbes & Mark Avis
Construct Creation from Research Questions

AM2018 Non-Profit and Social Marketing Track Prize photoAM2018 Non-Profit and Social Marketing Track Prize

Abi Badejo, Mohammad Kadir, Krzysztof Kubacki & Bo Pang
A Systematic Literature Review of Qualitative Research Methods in Social Marketing

AM2018 Consumer Culture Theory Track Prize photoAM2018 Consumer Culture Theory Track Prize

Ronnie Das
Marketplace Mythology and the Politics of Identity
Sponsored by SAGE

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