Marketing the Brave
University of Stirling
2-5 July 2018

Russell Belk

Russell Belk will deliver his AM2018 keynote on, “Consumers and Technology: What is Changing?“. We are very much looking forward to hearing his perspective on cover payment systems, cryptocurrencies, what we’re doing online, and how consumer behaviour is changing as a result.

Russell BelkRussell Belk is York University Distinguished Research Professor and Kraft Foods Canada Chair in Marketing, Schulich School of Business, York University. He is past president of the International Association of Marketing and Development, and is a fellow, past president, and Film Festival co-founder in the Association for Consumer Research. He also co-initiated the Consumer Behavior Odyssey and the Consumer Culture Theory Conference and has received the Paul D. Converse Award, two Fulbright Fellowships, and the Sheth Foundation/Journal of Consumer Research Award for Long Term Contribution to Consumer Research. He has approximately 600 publications and his research tends to be qualitative, visual, and cultural; it involves the extended self, meanings of possessions, collecting, gift-giving, sharing, digital consumption, and materialism.

Mick Doran

Mick DoranMick Doran has spent over 20 years seeking to understand the needs of consumers across the globe. He started his career with Procter & Gamble, enquiring about skin care regimes, which led him to London from his home town in the middle of Ireland. After 6 fruitful years he moved to an area even closer to his heart, Food and Drink – working for PepsiCo, initially in Asia & then across West & Eastern Europe and then Heineken. Mick moved to Financial Services in 2015 where he is Head of Research, Planning & Brand at Sainsbury’s Bank. Mick is the current Chair of the Marketing Society Scotland & lives in Edinburgh with his wife and 4-year-old son.

Mick Doran will deliver his AM2018 keynote entitled, “Mightier is the Mongrel?

We are very much looking forward to hearing his perspective on the need for courage to challenge perceptions & interpretation of the rapidly evolving consumer landscape. He will draw on some lessons learnt over the past 20 years in seeking to identify & understand consumer needs and translating those into products and services that delight people.