Marketing: The Fabric of Life
University of Huddersfield
5-7 July 2022

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AM 2022 Call for Papers

Deadline for Submissions 10 January 2022

The theme of the Academy of Marketing Conference 2022 is ‘Marketing: The Fabric of Life’, which encourages marketing scholars to explore and examine the threads of marketing theory; the interwoven patterns which contribute to the ever-evolving tapestry that is Marketing. We call for papers which challenge and develop marketing theory through a range of methods, techniques, and approaches. We welcome Competitive Short Papers which focus on a range of methodological, pedagogical and impactful issues, including more traditional aspects of marketing research. Papers can be submitted to take part in one of the interactive Workshops or for Oral Presentation in themed sessions. (For Doctoral Colloquium submissions please see the separate CFP).


The conference will be hosting a range of Workshops focusing on several diverse and contemporary areas of marketing theory including:
1. Consumer Research for Social Impact (CRSI): Agents of Change, Agenda for Change
2. Consumer-Brand Power Dynamics & Collective Wellbeing
3. Consumption Insights on Human-Nature Entanglements
4. Hard Times: Rough Threads Woven Through the Fabric of Life
5. Inclusive Marketing: Developing the New Agenda
6. Issues of Responsibility in the Fabric of Sustainable Consumption
7. Marketplace Access
8. Methodological Innovations in Qualitative Consumer Research
9. Navigating The Metaverse: Challenges & Opportunities Concerning Digital Marketing & Immersive Technologies
10. Post-Covid Place Marketing
11. Reclaiming Artistic Imaginaries: Lessons Learnt and Future Endeavours
12. The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Consumers, Businesses, and Society
13. The Rising Tide of Brand Intangibles and the Future of Brand Authenticity Research
14. Threading Innovative Pedagogy Through the Fabric of Marketing Education to Embrace the Post COVID-19 Workplace
15. Values-Centred Pedagogies for Sustainable Marketing Education
16. Weaving the Digital Fabric of Our Lives: AI in Marketing
Full details of these Workshops are available in the Workshops document AM2022 Competitive Workshops, and authors should consult the requirements of their preferred Workshop(s) prior to submission.

Oral Presentation

In addition to the Workshops, we encourage the submission of Competitive Short Papers on any area of marketing and consumer behaviour which will each be delivered in a 20-minute oral presentation at the Conference in themed sessions.

Key Dates

Please note the following key dates:

  • 10th January 2022 Closing date for submissions
  • 4th April 2022 Paper acceptance confirmed
  • 4th April 2022 Registration opens
  • 20th May 2022 Early Bird rate deadline
  • 3rd June 2022 Final registration date (or papers withdrawn)
  • 5th-7th July 2022 Academy of Marketing Conference

Final Deadline for Submission: Midnight GMT 10th January 2022
Contact email address:

Guidelines for Submissions

All papers must be submitted online via the AM 2022 website – the link will be available from this page shortly. These must be:

  • Original;
  • A maximum of 500 words long (excluding references). Please note that the text of the paper must be copied and pasted into the online submission system, which will limit the number of words to this maximum. Figures should not be included in short paper submissions.
  • Papers accepted for Oral Presentation will be delivered as a 20-minute presentation as part of a themed session. Workshops will be run to the format specified by the Workshop Convenors.
  • Authors should ensure that their names or any other author-identifying information are not included in the text of the paper.
  • Authors will be asked to provide additional information as part of their submission to clarify the stage of their research e.g. conceptualisation, methodological development, data collection, data analysis, theoretical development, or if their competitive short paper is a summary of a full completed paper.
  • Authors will be asked to provide keywords for their submission.

Number of papers
Authors may submit no more than 3 papers in total and authors are not permitted to submit the same paper to different Workshops and for Oral Presentation.

References are additional to the 500-word count, and will be uploaded in a separate field in the submission system. References must be presented in APA 7 (American Psychological Association) Style.

Please download the AM 2022 Call for Papers for full details of how to submit your paper