Reframing Marketing Priorities
5th - 7th July 2021

The list of Competitive Workshops is below.

Please note that each workshop has its own ‘Call for Papers’ specifying the content requirements and the full call for each workshop is in the document:
AM2021 Call for Papers Competitive Workshops V2

The deadline for submissions has now passed

Monday 5th July – Focus on Teaching
1. Creating and delivering digital, innovative and authentic assessments
2. Transformative and Critical Marketing Pedagogies
3. Embedding sustainability and responsibility into the marketing curriculum.
4. Innovations in Learning and Teaching for Use in Covid-19 and Beyond: Pedagogic Practice Reframed

Tuesday 6th July – Focus on Research
1. Taking the Experiential Online: Engaging consumers virtually during Covid-19
2. Reframing circular economy as a marketing priority: Emphasising the role of consumers
3. Wellbeing within Service Ecosystems
4. The power of visual methods in understanding the ‘new normal’
5. Weaving Connections: Advancing Theoretical Insights into Gift Giving in the 2020s.
6. Harnessing the Power of Word-of-Mouth
7. Access, Inclusion and Care in Marketing: Reflections and Learnings from Covid-19

Wednesday 7th July – Reflections on Society
1. Searching for the new ‘normal’ – Sustainability in a digital age
2. Consumer Spaces Post-Covid: Back to Normal or New Normals?
3. Identifying the Not-for-Profit Marketing Visionaries
4. Democratising and Decentering Marketing Inquiry
5. Reframing our Priorities: Understanding and Tackling Consumption Insecurities
6. Purpose driven brands – the rise of social sustainability
7. Consumer Research with Social Impact during a pandemic: Reflections on academic identities

Competitive Short Papers

Competitive Short Papers will be a maximum of 500 words long (excluding references).

These must be:

  • Original;
  • A maximum of 500 words long (excluding references). Please note that the text of the paper must be copied and pasted into the online submission system, which will limit the number of words to this maximum. Figures should not be included in short paper submissions.