Reframing Marketing Priorities
5th - 7th July 2021

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About the 2021 Conference: Reframing Marketing Priorities

For the first time our 2021 Academy of Marketing Annual Conference will take the form of a virtual, online event. We are looking forward to the new opportunities this format will allow to welcome participants into our community. Traditionally our conference has welcomed papers to a range of tracks and, more recently, to competitive workshops. Given the virtual, online nature of our AM2021 conference, the workshop format will underpin our conference structure and we invite the submission of Competitive Short Papers to these workshops. We also invite the submission of E-Posters, based on any area of Marketing relating to the conference theme. Full details of submission requirements for each paper type can be found in this Call for Papers.

As we all negotiate our way through the challenges of the current external environment our Annual Conference will consider how Marketing can play its part in helping to shape how we engage with economic, social, political and cultural change. 2020 has been a defining year in so many ways; our 2021 conference theme reflects the need to refocus and address how we as marketing academics, teachers and practitioners can ‘Reframe Marketing Priorities’ in response to such change.

We invite colleagues to explore the crucial issues of change, responses to change and reflection on change that help reframe marketing priorities. We propose to achieve this through a series of workshops and e-poster paper streams that can interrogate these important issues. We are asking:

  • What are the Marketing Priorities that are most impacted by current conditions?
  • How do we reframe these priorities theoretically?
  • How is what and how we teach impacted?
  • What methodological advances and innovations help us to answer these questions?

Keynote speakers and additional activities: In addition to the programme of Workshops, there will also be keynote addresses, with Professor Ashlee Humphreys, Northwestern University and Professor Andy Prothero, University College Dublin already confirmed, and the annual AGM. Networking opportunities and other supporting events will also be part of the 3-day programme.

Publication opportunities: The AM2021 Conference has secured Special Issues of Journal of Marketing Management and European Journal of Marketing. Authors with papers accepted for Workshops will be invited to submit a detailed Expression of Interest submission after the Conference if they wish to be considered for these publication opportunities.


Workshops will run for 1 and a half hours each on 3 broadly themed days:

  • Monday 5th July Focus on Teaching
  • Tuesday 6th July Focus on Research
  • Wednesday 7th July Reflections on Society

There are 3 types of Workshop:

1 Closed Workshops
These are only open to people who submit, and have accepted, a Competitive Short Paper. These small group workshops may be run in a number of ways, and the idea is to establish networks and potentially produce collaborative work.

2 Open Workshops
As above, these invite submissions of Competitive Short Papers. Those accepted can take an active part in the Workshop. The Workshop will also be open to other Conference Delegates to observe the activities.

Please note that the exact format of each Workshop is decided by the Workshop Convenors.

3 Webinars
These are open to any delegate to choose to attend. No submission of papers is required.

A list of Competitive Workshops accepted is below.

Monday 5th July – Focus on Teaching

1. Creating and delivering digital, innovative and authentic assessments
2. Transformative and Critical Marketing Pedagogies
3. Embedding sustainability and responsibility into the marketing curriculum.
4. Innovations in Learning and Teaching for Use in Covid-19 and Beyond: Pedagogic Practice Reframed

Tuesday 6th July – Focus on Research

1. Taking the Experiential Online: Engaging consumers virtually during Covid-19
2. Reframing circular economy as a marketing priority: Emphasising the role of consumers
3. Wellbeing within Service Ecosystems
4. The power of visual methods in understanding the ‘new normal’
5. Weaving Connections: Advancing Theoretical Insights into Gift Giving in the 2020s.
6. Harnessing the Power of Word-of-Mouth
7. Access, Inclusion and Care in Marketing: Reflections and Learnings from Covid-19

Wednesday 7th July – Reflections on Society
1. Searching for the new ‘normal’ – Sustainability in a digital age
2. Consumer Spaces Post-Covid: Back to Normal or New Normals?
3. Identifying the Not-for-Profit Marketing Visionaries
4. Democratising and Decentering Marketing Inquiry
5. Reframing our Priorities: Understanding and Tackling Consumption Insecurities
6. Purpose driven brands – the rise of social sustainability
7. Consumer Research with Social Impact during a pandemic: Reflections on academic identities

Competitive Short Papers

Competitive Short Papers will be a maximum of 500 words long (excluding references). These will not be presented in the traditional way during the workshops. Each Workshop will have its own ‘Call for Papers’ specifying the content requirements, and this document can be downloaded: AM2021 Call for Papers Competitive Workshops V2

All papers must be submitted online via the AM 2021 website. These must be:

  • Original;
  • A maximum of 500 words long (excluding references). Please note that the text of the paper must be copied and pasted into the online submission system, which will limit the number of words to this maximum. Figures should not be included in short paper submissions.


This year we will also be inviting the submission of E-Posters. Posters can be based on any area of Marketing relating to the conference theme and are not restricted to workshop themes.

To find out more about how to design a Conference Poster, see and

  • The Poster must include the title of the work, and the name and affiliation of each author.
  • Authors will be asked to indicate if their poster relates to Doctoral Research.
  • Authors will be asked whether their poster is
    – Developmental / Work in Progress, or
    – Sharing findings of completed research.
  • Authors will be asked to provide up to 3 keywords for their poster when uploading.
  • Files should be uploaded in PDF format, at a high resolution, composite CMYK.
  • Poster dimensions are A4 (210 x 297mm) or A3 (297 x 420mm). (Note that posters will be presented at A4 size in the proceedings, and A3 posters will therefore be downsized to fit).
  • Maximum file size for upload 5MB
  • IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you have secured the necessary copyright permissions to use any images in your poster – you can find out more about this at Permissions are usually required for a wide range of images, e.g. screenshots of social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter; logos; photographs; etc. You may wish to use resources like Canva or Pixabay to source royalty-free images and templates. Authors should also ensure that correct attribution is given to any third-party material. See the Terms and Conditions at the end of this Call for Papers.

Number of papers
Authors may submit no more than 3 papers/e-posters in total and authors are not permitted to submit the same paper/e-poster to different workshops/streams.

References are additional to the 500 word count, and will be uploaded in a separate field in the submission system.
References must be presented in APA (American Psychological Association) Style.

For all submissions

  • The details of all authors must be entered into the online system. Communication will only be with the submitting author. When submitting, please complete all the registration fields and use the same email address consistently as this is the only way the system can contact you
  • Please indicate if the submitting author is a PhD Student.
  • The submitting author will be asked to warrant that they have the authority of their co-author(s) to submit the paper/e-poster, and that they have read and agree to the Conference Terms and Conditions, available in this document.
  • Submissions will be reviewed, and feedback provided to author(s).

Terms and Conditions

Authors agree to abide by the following terms and conditions associated with submitting a paper/e-poster for the AM 2021 Conference:
1. The deadline for submission of Competitive Short Papers and E-Posters is Midnight GMT 29 March 2021. All papers/e-posters will be reviewed. The language of the conference is English and all papers/e-posters should be in English.
2. All papers/e-posters submitted should follow the submission guidelines provided in relation to references. All author and co-author details will be inputted as part of the online submission form and the Organising Committee will only contact the author who submitted the papers/e-posters.
3. The decision of the AM 2021 Conference Chairs in relation to the acceptance of the papers/e-posters is final.
4. Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection and provided with feedback as soon as the review process has been completed.
5. By submitting a paper/e-poster to be reviewed, the author(s) are indicating that at least one of the authors will attend the virtual conference to represent paper. Any papers/e-posters not represented by an author/co-author will not be published in the Conference Proceedings.
6. All representatives must register for the AM 2021 Conference and pay the registration fee by the required date (14 June 2021), or their paper/e-poster will be withdrawn.
7. Successfully refereed papers/e-posters will be published in the Academy of Marketing (AM) 2021 Conference Proceedings. The Conference Proceedings are registered with an ISBN, and copies of the proceedings are deposited with the 6 UK National Libraries and the Chartered Institute of Marketing Library. The Conference Proceedings will also be available online from the Academy of Marketing website.

By submitting your paper/e-poster (Contribution) to the Academy of Marketing Conference:
You warrant that the Contribution will be original, will not violate or infringe any existing copyright or other right (of whatever nature) of any third party; will contain nothing obscene, blasphemous, defamatory, misleading or otherwise unlawful; and will contain no factual statements which are not true or based upon generally accepted research practices; and you further warrant that you have full power to enter into this Agreement.
If the Contribution does not conform to the warranties set out in this paragraph, you will indemnify the Academy of Marketing against any claims, loss, injury, damage or costs (including legal costs) that arise as a result of your breach of warranty. You will be responsible (at your expense) for obtaining permission for the inclusion in the Contribution of any third-party copyright material.
Copyright in the Conference Proceedings as a whole is with the Academy of Marketing. Authors retain the rights to their individual papers/e-posters included in the proceedings, and by submitting their work for presentation at the Conference, authors grant a royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to the Academy of Marketing to reproduce the Contribution throughout the world in all forms (present, future and contingent, and including all renewals, extensions, revivals and all accrued rights of action).
The Academy of Marketing will have the right, where we consider it necessary, to revise, edit, amend and correct the Contribution in the interests of the relevance, consistency and quality of the style and content of the Proceedings as a whole. The Academy of Marketing will have the right to decline to publish the Contribution if, for any reason, it fails to meet with our full satisfaction.
The Academy of Marketing, their publisher and staff take no responsibility and accept no liability whatsoever for the accuracy, impact, or consequences of any paper/e-poster published in the conference proceedings, whether refereed or not. Papers/e-posters reflect the authors’ opinions, not those of the Academy of Marketing, their publisher, or their staff.

All questions or queries on the Conference should be directed to the AM Admin Office in the first instance,