'When you tire of marketing you tire of life'
Regent's University London
2-4 July 2019

The Academy of Marketing Doctoral Colloquium is a forum for doctoral students to meet and discuss their work with each other and experienced researchers. It will take place on Monday 1 July immediately prior to the Academy of Marketing 2019 conference. The colloquium will be held in a collaborative, open and friendly atmosphere. All topics and methodological approaches within the broad field of marketing and consumer behaviour are welcome and doctoral students at different stages of their research can apply to participate.

Doctoral presentations at the colloquium will take place in parallel tracks based on the conceptual and/or methodological focus of the participants work alongside the stage of their doctoral work. In addition there will be faculty presentations designed to help students plan and manage their dissertation process.

A limited number of Bursaries will be available to assist full-time Doctoral Students to attend the Doctoral Colloquium at AM2019. Authors of papers accepted for the AM2019 Doctoral Colloquium will be contacted with details on how to apply for a Bursary.

Doctoral Colloquium Papers

Students at any stage of their research may submit a paper. These must be:

  • A maximum of 6 pages excluding the abstract, appendices and references (papers may contain tables and figure).
  • Appendices and references must each begin on a new page, but be uploaded as part of the paper
  • Submitted without the name of the paper’s author or indication of their institution (The online paper submission system will keep a record of these details). Please also ensure that all identifying information is removed from the document properties.
  • The online system will ask for an abstract to be inputted separately (maximum 200 words)
  • The online system will ask authors of DC submissions to indicate:
    o What stage in the PhD process is the student at? e.g. Early year 1, Middle year 2-3, final year 3-4
    o When is the intended submission date for the PhD?
    o What methodological approach is being used?
    o How does the research have the potential for impact?
  • Please see the General Guidelines for All Papers for detailed formatting instructions.