AM2017 Conference: Freedom Through Marketing: Looking Back, Going Forward
Prize Winners

AM2017 Best Paper in Conference PresentationAM2017 Best Paper in Conference Award, and B2B Marketing Track Prize

Jamie Burton, Vicky Story, Chris Raddats and Julie Zolkiewski, University of Manchester; Enhancing the performance outcomes of firm servitization efforts: key capabilities and network resources. Sponsored by Journal of Marketing Management (Best Paper), Journal of Customer Behaviour (B2B Track)

AM2017 Arts & Heritage Marketing Track PrizeAM2017 Arts & Heritage Marketing Track Prize

Annmarie Ryan, University of Limerick; Practice (mis)matching: multiple performations of a cultural sponsorship network

AM2017 Asia Pacific Marketing Track PrizeAM2017 Asia Pacific Marketing Track Prize

Mohammed Rahman, Jamie Carlson, Shandong University, China and University of Newcastle, Australia; Cultivating Customer Engagement Behaviour in Social Media Brand Communities: Examining the Impact of Website Characteristics and Virtual Experience. Sponsored by Emerald: Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics

AM2017 Branding, Identity & Corporate Reputation Track PrizeAM2017 Branding, Identity & Corporate Reputation Track Prize

Nazan Colmekcioglu, Amjad Rafiq, Haseeb Shabbir, Dianne Dean, University of Hull; Counter-Branding ISIS: A Conventional Branding Perspective. Sponsored by Westburn: Social Business

AM2017 Critical Marketing Track Prize

Andrew Dean, University of Durham; Giving and making sense of Ayahuasca tourism: Unpacking the shamen identity

AM2017 E-Marketing Track Prize

Anabel Gutierrez and Tatiana Calle, Regents University; Acceptance of mobile-based advertising: a privacy calculus model. Sponsored by Summit Media

AM2017 Entrepreneurial & Small Business Marketing Track PrizeAM2017 Entrepreneurial & Small Business Marketing Track Prize

Nihar Amoncar, University of South Wales; The Pursuit of Economic Prosperity – Exploring the Entrepreneurial philosophy approach of the Marwari Business Community in India. Sponsored by Emerald: Journal of Research in Marketing and Enterprise

AM2017 International Marketing Track Prize

Leonidas Leonidou, Bilge Aykol, Thomas Fotiadis, Paul Christolides, University of Cyprus; Emotional intelligence as a facilitator of long-term orientation in export-importer relationships

AM2017 Marketing Communications Track PrizeAM2017 Marketing Communications Track Prize

Katie Dunn, Sheffield Hallam University; Communicating corporate social responsibility in a social world: The effect of consumer- generated content on consumer scepticism

AM2017 Marketing Pedagogy Track PrizeAM2017 Marketing Pedagogy Track Prize

Kim Roberts, Iain Maddison, London South Bank University, London Metropolitan Police Service; For the Greater Good: 21st century experiential learning pedagogy

AM2017 Non-Profit & Social Marketing Track PrizeAM2017 Non-Profit & Social Marketing Track Prize

Jessica Wyllie, Jamie Carlson, University of Newcastle; Toward an Understanding of Mental Health Service Adoption: A Mixed Method Approach. Sponsored by Wiley: International Journal of Not for profit and voluntary sector marketing

AM2017 Services & Customer Relationship Management Track PrizeAM2017 Services & Customer Relationship Management Track Prize

Flora Chiang, Henry Fock, Thomas Birtch, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, University of Nottingham Ningbo, Hong Kong; The Influence of Rewards and Shared Vision on Customer-Oriented Behaviour and Service Quality. Sponsored by Emerald: Journal of Services Marketing

AM2017 Sports & Events Marketing Track Prize

Robert Thomas, University of South Wales; Mapping the Boundaries and Antecedents of Football Fans’ Individual Co-Creation Activities: A Pan-cultural Exploratory Study of the European Leagues. Sponsored by Emerald: International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship

AM2017 Strategic Marketing Track Prize

Mujahid Mohiuddin Babu, Coventry University; Impact of Market Orientation on Firm’s Customer-based Performance: The Moderating Role of Employee Orientation. Sponsored by Chartered Institute of Marketing

AM2017 Sustainability Track Prize

Nicola Thomas, De Montfort University; Sustainability Marketing: An emancipatory critical realist perspective. Sponsored by Kotler Impact

AM2017 Travel & Tourism Marketing Track PrizeAM2017 Travel & Tourism Marketing Track Prize

Sameer Hosany, Siripan Deesilatham, Royal Holloway University; Sports and Fitness Wellness Tourism: Segmenting the Muay Thai Tourists by Travel Motivation and Quality of Life Perceptions. Sponsored by Emerald: Travel and Tourism Review