Academy of Marketing Annual Conference 2021

University of Huddersfield, 6-8 July 2021

Continuing on from the very successful inaugural series of workshops at previous AM Conferences, we would now like to invite expressions of interest from individuals or teams to host a workshop at the AM2021 Annual Conference hosted by University of Huddersfield.

Previous workshop themes have ranged from AI in marketing, to sustainability, gender, space and place, as well as consumer research with societal impact. Methods-based workshops have also been successful, focusing on topics such as ethnography, visual methods, and quantitative research. We have also supported excellent pedagogical workshops covering themes such as student engagement, and the role of social media in cohort identity.

Those proposing to host workshops for AM2021 may wish to build on some of the themes explored through previous workshops, as well as propose completely new themes and issues for discussion. Please note, Workshops must not be based around the traditional, more passive Conference format of paper presentations followed by Q&A. They are designed to be interactive. Within that basic idea, many variations have been used successfully.

There are 3 types of Workshop possible:

  • Submission only – these are only open to people who submit, and have accepted, a Competitive Expression of Interest Paper. These small group workshops may be run in a number of ways, for example, all participants read the papers in advance and then have a round table discussion / groups may be established around themes to break-out and engage in dialogue on a suggested theme / a limited workshop could be run on some technical basis, e.g. videography. The idea is to establish networks and potentially produce collaborative work.
  • Submission plus Delegate – people submit Competitive Expression of Interest Papers, and those papers that are accepted are invited to form the core group around which the workshop will be organised. This type of workshop will also be open to delegates to attend, so should include interactive elements. This is an opportunity for authors to raise awareness of their research in a collaborative format.
  • Delegate only – these are open to any delegate to choose to attend. Whilst similar to what was formerly known as a ‘Special Session’, these should be run on an interactive basis to include all participants. These may include guest speakers, but could also encompass formats such as debates, interviews, etc. This type of workshop would be especially appropriate for proposals related to research or teaching practice.

Competitive Expressions of Interest Papers will be a maximum of 4 pages long and adhere to General Guidelines for All Papers. Papers will not be presented in the traditional way during the workshops; rather, attendees will be given access to the papers for their chosen workshop in advance of the conference and those papers will form the basis of the activities during the workshop as advanced by the workshop leaders. Papers should be submitted through the online Conference paper submission system via the link at the Conference website.

A workshop proposal therefore should:

  1. address a cutting-edge theoretical, methodological or pedagogical issue in marketing
  2. identify the preferred format that will form the basis of the activities during a 2 and a half hour workshop (Submission Only, Submission plus Delegate, Delegate Only)
  3. provide an outline programme of the planned activities
  4. be a maximum of one A4 page in length, 12 point Times New Roman font.

The deadline for submission of workshop proposals is Noon GMT on 1 August 2020 to

Once the workshop themes have been finalised the conference Call for Papers will encourage submissions of Competitive Expressions of Interest Papers. Workshop Convenors should also invite their networks to submit to their workshops.

The AM Workshop Lead is Professor Nick Lee of Warwick Business School. All questions or queries on the workshops should be directed to the AM Admin Office in the first instance,