Marketing Trust logoThe Academy of Marketing would like to acknowledge the extremely generous support received from the Marketing Trust ( in funding Academy of Marketing Doctoral Colloquium Bursaries.

The Marketing Trust’s objective is the advancement, for the benefit of the public, of education, practical training and research into the art and science of marketing.

Thanks to the generous support of the Marketing Trust, bursaries will be available to assist full-time Doctoral Students to attend the Doctoral Colloquium at AM2019.

The Marketing Trust is an independent Charitable Trust originally set up by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in 1978.  It was created with the objective of providing for the advancement of education, practical training and research into the art and science of marketing for the benefit of the public.  The expression ‘marketing’ in this instance includes the creation, promotion, sale and distribution of products and services.

The Trust is managed by an independent Board of Trustees drawn from senior members of the CIM and from the business community surrounding Moor Hall.  Their accumulated business experience enables them to have a wide understanding of charities, events, training and research projects.

In the past fifteen years, the Marketing Trust has made Grants totalling over £1million pounds and has supported applications from such diverse projects as funding a training programme for volunteers in the Women’s Institute Federation to understand marketing so they can promote the work of the WI and recruit new members on a common message around the country, to supporting the excellent Student Design competition run annually by the Royal Society of Arts for design students in universities and art colleges around the UK.

The Trust has also supported The Company Programme run by Young Enterprise for many years.  This affords students between the ages of 15 and 19 the opportunity to set up and run their own company trading nationally and internationally over the course of an academic year, thereby helping them to understand the world of business and prepare them should they wish to take up a career in business.

The Marketing Trust also supports applications for the funding of training and development projects designed to raise the marketing competence of those engaged in promoting the work of charitable bodies and not for profit organisations.  Not only directly to the many charities themselves, but has funded an annual training programme for such organisations run by the Media Trust.

The Marketing Trust first provided Grants to the Academy of Marketing in 1998 to fund bursaries in order to enable doctoral students to attend the Academy’s Annual Conference.

In 2013 the Trustees carried out a review of it’s past activities and concluded it should do more to broaden the research pool of marketing knowledge and make that freely available to the public.  The Trust approached the Chartered Institute of Marketing to carry out the first project, which looked at the public’s attitudes and recognition of  ‘traffic light’ markings on Food Labelling.  (See for full report)

In 2011 the Trust became known for publicity purposes by the shorter name of the Marketing Trust, although it is still registered with the Charities Commission as The Chartered Institute of Marketing Charitable Trust.