Academy of Marketing Executive Committee

The Academy of Marketing is administered by an Executive Committee.

Caroline Tynan President
Caroline Tynan
University of Nottingham
John Egan Vice President
John Egan
Regent’s University London
Anne Marie Doherty Chair
Anne Marie Doherty
University of Strathclyde
Finola Kerrigan Secretary
Finola Kerrigan
University of Birmingham
Nicholas Telford Treasurer
Nicholas Telford
University of the West of Scotland
Lisa O'Malley Research Sub-Committee Chair
Lisa O’Malley
University of Limerick
Lynn Vos Education Sub-Committee Chair
Lynn Vos
University of Hertfordshire
Helen Woodruffe-Burton Departmental & Regional Coordinator
Helen Woodruffe-Burton
Edge Hill University
Jacqueline Lynch SIG Coordinator
Jacqueline Lynch
University of Westminster
Audrey Gilmore Awards Coordinator
Audrey Gilmore
Ulster University
Nick Lee Workshop Lead
Nick Lee
University of Warwick
Rohit Talwar ECR Representative
Rohit Talwar
London South Bank University
Julie Tinson Coopted
Julie Tinson
University of Stirling