Mary Kinghorn Davies

Life Achievement Award and Honorary Life Member (HLMAM) (2017), in recognition of her extraordinary and distinguished services to Marketing

The Academy of Marketing is sad to report that Mary Kinghorn Davies, HLMAM, passed away in July 2020. Her friend and colleague Nigel Coates contributed the following:

2017 Honorary Life Member of the Academy Mary Kinghorn DaviesI first met Mary over 35 years ago at an Institute of Marketing Branch event she was the then Chairman. Mary was a highly successful business woman running one of the largest Advertising and PR agencies in the North East before she retired. Mary would do anything to help / support initiatives and speaking at events but only if she was asked because of her expertise not because she was a woman! In the same vein throughout her career she was always Chairman not Chairperson (or some other alternative). Mary always drove Jaguar cars, on one occasion a car salesman made the mistake of asking Mary on a test drive, why as a woman, would she want to drive a Jaguar car? Mary completed the drive and bought the car from another dealership! Mary was passionate about what she did and was totally professional and expected others to be equally professional when working on committees and projects.

Mary was always active in the Chartered Institute of Marketing; joining the then Institute of Marketing in 1976 and was a passionate supporter / working voluntary; but highly professionally for the good of all members and CIM ever since. Over the 44 years she held many roles and responsibilities including North East Branch Chairman, various national roles; National Vice Chair and National Treasurer. More recently (2012-2020) she was the Chairman of the Marketing Trust; the trading name of the CIM Charitable Trust. In this role Mary raised the profile of the Marketing Trust which awards grants for a wide range of activities included funding the Academy of Marketing Doctoral Colloquium (which she enjoyed attending and meeting the doctoral students and the professoriate mentors), research grants to marketing academics, Royal Society of Arts’ Design Awards (Mary was a respected judge), Young Enterprise and many other initiatives. Mary had received a number of life time achievement awards including from the CIM and Academy of Marketing along with Hon Fellowship Awards. Mary had many friends throughout the CIM and the Academy of Marketing and will be very much missed for not only all her good work, but as a person people enjoyed being with.

Mary had enormous energy and enthusiasm, no one was allowed to mention her age, (as she did not want people to make judgements based on that) but even in January this year she still drove me as a passenger from Newcastle to CIM HQ in Berkshire for a Marketing Trust Board meeting in her Jaguar car; trying to restrict herself to not going over 80 miles per hour; non-stop some 284 miles!

The affection and respect for Mary has been emphasised to me by the warmth of comments that have been flooding into the Marketing Trust since Mary’s death was announced.

Nigel Coates
The newly elected Chairman of the Marketing Trust.