2nd Publishing Excellence Workshop

University of Edinburgh Business School
22 May 2017, 11:00 – 17:30

Online Registration – please note numbers are strictly limited to a maximum of 60 participants

Drawing on the success of the 1st Publishing Excellence Workshop – hosted by University of Birmingham (Nov 2015), the Academy of Marketing would like to invite you to the 2nd Publishing Excellence Workshop at University of Edinburgh Business School.

This workshop builds on the invaluable insights shared in Birmingham and aims to help marketing academics to look beyond the Chartered Association of Business Schools Academic Journal Guide’s “marketing list”. In the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn about and discuss the publishing experiences of a panel of marketing academics who have flirted with and enjoyed success in publishing peer reviewed journal articles in “non-marketing AJG list” and ‘marketing AJG list” 3/4* journals. All attendees will have the opportunity work closely with one author/author team and explore in small groups their road from submission to publication.

Our panellists have experience of publishing in:

Journal of Consumer Research (4*); Annals of Tourism Research (4); Human Relations (4); Environment & Planning A (4); Organisational Studies (4); Sociology (4); British Journal of Management (4); Harvard Business Review (FT50); Journal of Advertising (3*); European Journal of Marketing (3*);  Computers in Human Behaviour (3*); European Sport Management Quarterly (3*); Public Management Review (3*); Journal of Business Research (3*); Journal of Public Policy and Marketing (3*); Journal of Rural Studies (3*); Food Policy (3*); Journal of Business Ethics (3*); Journal of Advertising Research (3*).

The panellists include:

  •     Professor Avi Shankar (University of Bath)
  •     Dr Rob Angell (Cardiff)
  •     Dr Anna Morgan Thomas (University of Glasgow)
  •     Dr Kathy Hamilton (Strathclyde University)
  •     Dr Anegal Tregear (University of Edinburgh)
  •     Dr Ben Marder (University of Edinburgh)
  •     Dr Charlotte Gilmore (University of Edinburgh – TBC)
  •     Dr Mary Brennan (University of Edinburgh).

Participants will gain insight into the review process in the featured journals, handling reviews, communicating with editors and reviewers and successful navigation through the publishing process. The workshop is ideally suited for authors who plan on targeting these journals and are using the methods employed by the paper’s authors.

Those wishing to attend should indicate which paper they would like to work on by listing their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices in the registration form. (Full details of the papers are available at the Registration page). Due to the nature of the workshop, where the authors will share their original submission, reviews, responses to review and final version with participants in order to provide insight into the publishing process, numbers are strictly limited to a maximum of 60 participants.

AM Workshops

This Academy of Marketing is planning a series of capacity building workshops which will be focused on issues identified by the membership. If members are interested in hosting a future workshop, or have ideas for topics they wish to see covered, they should get in touch with Finola Kerrigan at F.kerrigan@bham.ac.uk