Academy of Marketing Workshop, in association with CHRONOS Centre for Critical and Historical Research on Organization and Society, and Durham University Business School Centre for Organisations and Society

Virtual workshop series on Sensing and knowing in critical and interpretivist marketing studies
Thursday the 15th, 22nd and 29th of April 2021, 5.30–7 pm (Free to attend, please see Registration link below)

Please join us for this series of workshops which aim at discussing methodological problems, advancements and challenges encountered when doing critical and interpretivist research in marketing.

Publication opportunity: We have secured a Special Issue in the Journal of Marketing Management associated to this event which will be open to the wider community.

15.04.21, 5.30-7 pm
Session 1: The politics of sensing and knowing in critical and interpretivist marketing studies
Chair: Chloe Preece, Royal Holloway, University of London
Keynote speaker: Ozlem Sandikci (University of Glasgow)
‘Researching Consumption and Marketing Outside the West’
Discussant: Olga Kravets (Royal Holloway, University of London)
‘The politics of sound in consumer research’
Gretchen Larsen (University of Durham) and Maurice Patterson (University of Limerick)

22.04.21, 5.30-7 pm
Session 2: Studying marginality: politicising research and the researcher
Chair: Benedetta Cappellini, University of Durham
‘Ventriloquism, Voice and Activism: Research Stances, Tensions and Possibilities’
Martina Hutton (University of Winchester)
‘The vulnerability of refugee families: adjusting the stigmatised identity’
Roua Al Hanouti (University of Lille)

29.04.21, 5.30-7 pm
Session 3: Innovative projects and disciplinary recognition
Chair: Gretchen Larsen (University of Durham)
‘Marketplace and I: Commercial Experiences of Disability Explored through Art’
Leighanne Higgins (University of Lancaster)
‘The generative power of grassroots poetry: co-creating inclusive narratives of the future with community partners’
Emma Surman (University of Birmingham) and Mihaela Kelemen (University of Nottingham)
‘Exploring the Dynamics of a Collaborative Working Methodology: The Case of the Liverpool Feminist Collective’
Rachel Ashman, Athanasia Daskalopoulou, Katy Kerrane, Cathy McGouran, Elizabeth Parsons, Daniela Pirani (University of Liverpool)

Followed by virtual drinks

The ways in which we discard a finding, select a quote and create a representation of our work are fundamental steps in the production of our research. Yet, little attention is given to such steps while presenting our work at conferences or writing a paper. These steps are often the result of long epistemological journeys which are rarely shared outside the research team. While we witness methodological advancements – often discussed in ad-hoc journals or special issues – we have noticed that methodological notes in our papers have become shorter and more formulaic over time. This is odd considering the well-established attention to methodologies and methods which have characterised critical and interpretivist marketing studies. In this workshop we would like to start a broader conversation on the state of the art of the epistemological aspects of critical and interpretivist research.

All welcome, please register on Eventbrite, you will be emailed a Zoom link:

Chloe Preece, Royal Holloway University of London,
Benedetta Cappellini, Durham University,
Gretchen Larsen, Durham University

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