Journal of Marketing Management Calls for Papers


JMM Current Calls for Papers:

The Disabling Marketplace. (Deadline for submissions 20 June 2022). Guest Editors: Leighanne Higgins, Katharina C. Husemann & Anica Zeyen.

Rituals and Routines: Reflecting change, redefining meaning, recasting scope. (Deadline for submissions 22 August 2022). Guest Editors: Julie Tinson & Peter Nuttall

Service research in an age of crises: (re)building sustainable services. (Deadline for submissions 5 September 2022). Guest Editors: Josephine Go Jefferies, Mekhail Mustak, Loïc Plé & Per Skålén

Advancing theory on marketing responses to mitigate the negative consequences of brand crises. (Deadline for submissions 3 October 2022). Guest Editors: Paolo Antonetti, Ilaria Baghi, Carmen Valor

Marketing Ethics in the Anthropocene: Fit for purpose or time for a rethink? (Deadline for submissions 24 October 2022). Guest Editors: Matthew Higgins, Richard Godfrey & Ai-Ling Lai

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