Call for Nominations for REF2021 Panel Membership


Call for Nominations for REF2021 Panel Membership: Following the recent announcement that the deadline for nominations to the expert panels has been extended, for now the nomination process remains open until further notice. We will announce a new deadline for nominations once we have more information. Please see for further details.

The Academy of Marketing is a registered nominating body for the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021. The four UK funding bodies are now inviting nominations for further members and assessors for the REF sub-panels. This invitation follows the panels’ analysis of their expertise requirements and predicted volume of work, in view of data provided by higher education institutions on their submission intentions. Further appointments will ensure each sub-panel has an appropriate breadth of expertise and number of panel members necessary for the assessment of REF submissions.

Members of expert panels will be appointed through a process of nomination. As a nominating body, the Academy of Marketing is inviting nominations of excellent individuals to represent the Marketing subject area within Unit of Assessment 17 Business and Management Studies. Individuals must self-nominate.

Please note that individuals who were nominated but not appointed to this panel in 2017 (and were content to remain in consideration for this later round) will automatically be considered so need not seek nomination again.

Individuals wishing to put themselves forward for nomination should provide a structured statement of support which includes:

  • Your current role and other recent posts of relevance
  • Evidence of conducting leading research in the field of Marketing (for example, key academic appointments or achievements)
  • Other indicators of standing in the academic Marketing community
  • Relevant experience of research management or commissioning, using or benefitting from research in Marketing
  • Relevant experience of leading, managing or practising interdisciplinary research
  • Relevant experience of peer review, research quality standards, or of evaluating the impact, benefits or quality of research in Marketing

All sub-panels welcome nominations of candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds, institution types and geographical regions, and particularly welcome nominations of candidates from under-represented groups, including people from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds.

Please submit your individual structured statement of support and full curriculum vitae to the Academy of Marketing Administration Office

Further information is available here:

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