Academy of Marketing Workshop


New ways of sensing and knowing in critical and interpretivist marketing studies

13th May 2020

Please note this event has been postponed until further notice

The ways in which we discard a finding, select a quote and create a representation of our work are fundamental steps in the production of our research. Yet, little attention is given to such steps while presenting our work at conferences or writing a paper. These steps are often the result of long epistemological journeys which are rarely shared outside the research team. While we witness methodological advancements – often discussed in ad-hoc journals or special issues – we have noticed that methodological notes in our papers have become shorter and more formulaic over time. This is odd considering the well-established attention to methodologies and methods which have characterised critical and interpretivist marketing studies. In this workshop we would like to start a broader conversation on the state of the art of the epistemological aspects of critical and interpretivist research.

This workshop aims at discussing methodological problems, advancements and challenges encountered when doing critical and interpretivist research in marketing. As such, we are interested in papers providing methodological advancements, critiques and reflections on well-established ways of doing research as well as new ways of understanding and representing the realities around us. Papers might provide, for example, reflections on failures and cul-de-sacs experienced at various stages of the research process; critiques of well-established and taken for granted tools of data collection and analysis; and descriptions of challenges and epiphanies in experimenting with new tools, data sets, methods and approaches. Papers might also engage with more theoretical debates including, for example, the very notion of ‘data’ and ‘researcher’, the recent efforts in de-colonising methodologies and methods and the emerging debate on hierarchies of knowledge production. The workshop is welcoming contributions from colleagues at various stages of their careers willing to discuss their own experiences. Topics include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Politics of methodology
  • Power relationships in the epistemological process
  • Feminist approaches to critical and interpretivist marketing research
  • Diversifying methodologies and interdisciplinary perspectives
  • Sensitive topics such as researcher trauma and failure


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