Marketing Trust and AM Impact Funding Initiative 2020


Generating Impact from Research in Marketing

Closing date for applications is noon (GMT) on 16 March 2020.

Marketing Trust & AM Impact Funding InitiativeThe Academy of Marketing is delighted to announce a joint Impact Funding Initiative with the Marketing Trust. Total Funding of up to £60K over 3 years will be provided by the Marketing Trust to advance impact from research in marketing, with awards of up to £4K available. Applications for funding will be administered by the Academy of Marketing to ensure that projects meet the Academy’s rigorous criteria for research excellence. This is an exciting initiative for the Academy that will clearly help to deliver on the requirements of its membership to demonstrate the impact of their work (2021 Research Excellence Framework). The collaboration is also beneficial for the Marketing Trust which has a remit to ‘make grants of financial assistance to charitable, volunteer, educational and other organisations for the purposes of training their staff, volunteers, young people and the general public in any or all aspects of marketing understanding and/or execution, and to appreciate the role of marketing in today’s society’.

For full details of the 2020 Funding, please visit the webpage

Marketing Trust & AM Impact Funding Initiative

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