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Case Method Training Workshops, Copenhagen Business School, January 2020
Join us in the Danish capital to attend one, or both of these complementary back-to-back events:

Successful Case Teaching, 20-21 January. Make your classroom come alive: learn how to engage and inspire your students on our two-day Successful Case Teaching workshop led by Martin Kupp.
Writing Effective Cases, 22-23 January. Learn the tools and techniques you need to create compelling cases on our two-day workshop, Writing Effective Cases, led by Urs Müller. Plus benefit from a post-workshop mentoring and review service.

Location: Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Fees: From £535 per person
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Resources from The Case Centre: Learning with Cases. A student guide.

Our interactive study guide will guide your students through the case method process making them ready for your case class in the new academic year.

The case method is often a new pedagogy for students. We created this tool to help those students ensure they can get the most out of your case class. Along with understanding more about cases and the case method, they’ll learn how to analyse a case quickly and thoroughly, prepare efficiently for class, learn how to participate in a case discussion and plan for assessment through cases.
They’ll also hear from our case method expert, Scott Andrews, to get a unique insight into the instructor’s point of view. You can access a full preview copy and if you like it why not recommend it to your students.
Fees: £5 per student
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