AM Political Marketing SIG Workshop


Political Branding

10th May 2019, University of Stirling

Academics and practitioners are invited to the University of Stirling Management School for a one-day workshop on political branding. During the campaigning of the 2015 general election, a piece in the Guardian stated “Marketing experts are pointing to a brand crisis in the political sphere”; Donald Trump’s victory? It is to be attributed to his superior branding strategy according to a number of commentators. Beyond sensationalist headlines, this workshop will delve deeper into the topic of political branding theory and practice. Important and timely developments have been made in political branding research, but this subdiscipline remains under-developed, with key issues related to, for example, ethics, identity, and brand communication needing further engagement. British experts will present their latest empirical and theoretical research on political branding cross a varied range of contexts, including the Brexit referendum and the Scottish independence referendum.

For the full programme  please visit the SIG webpage

As places will be limited, could you please book your places before May 3rd 2019

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