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A Brief History of the Academy of Marketing Conference

The 2014 AM Conference will be hosted by Bournemouth University with the theme of Marketing Dimensions: People, places and spaces and will be the 47th Conference of what is now known as the Academy of Marketing. This numbering is based on the article “How old is MEG?” written by Raymond J. Lawrence, in which he describes the birth of the conference, and the organisation:

The first convened meeting of marketing teachers in the U.K. took place in Harrogate on June 22-23, 1966. Ray Lawrence, then newly appointed to a first Chair in Marketing set up at Lancaster University, had written to all full-time teachers of marketing he could identify at Polytechnics, Technical Colleges, Universities and management training centres, suggesting that mutual interests would justify a conference. Thirty-eight U.K. marketing academics and five guests attended. A further 12 teachers were invited but were unable to come due to prior commitments.

The sequence of events started by this conference led to the official birth of MEG (the Marketing Education Group) in 1972, which was renamed the Academy of Marketing at the 1996 AGM.

We have compiled the listing below from the article and the organisation’s records, and you can link to websites for recent conferences from this list. However, if you have any more information, or indeed records or copies of proceedings you would like to donate to the Academy, please contact the admin office at admin@academyofmarketing.org

Year    Conference Location/Host    Conference Theme Conf.  No.

2013 University of South Wales Marketing Relevance 46
University of Southampton Management School Marketing: catching the technology wave 45
University of Liverpool Management School Marketing Fields Forever 44
2010 Coventry University  Transformational Marketing 43
2009 Leeds Metropolitan University  Putting Marketing in its Place 42
2008 Aberdeen Business School  Reflective Marketing in a Material World 41
2007 Kingston Business School  Marketing Theory into Practice 40
2006 Middlesex University Business School  Marketing Excellence 39
2005 Dublin Institute of Technology  Marketing: Building Business, Shaping Society 38
2004 University of Gloucestershire Virtue in Marketing 37
2003 Aston Business School History of the Next Decade 36
2002 University of Nottingham The Marketing Landscape: signs for the future 35
2001 Cardiff University A Marketing Odyssey 34
2000 University of Derby  Bridging the Divide 33
1999 University of Stirling  New Marketing, New Relevance – education and innovation for the next generation 32
1998 Sheffield Hallam University    Adding Value Through Marketing 31
1997 Manchester Metropolitan University    Marketing without Borders 30
1996 University of Strathclyde  2021 - A vision for the next 25 years 29
1995 University of Bradford   Making Marketing Work 28
1994 University of Ulster Marketing Unity in Diversity 27 & 1st Doctoral Colloquium
1993 Loughborough University Business School    Emerging Issues in Marketing 26
1992 University of Salford  Marketing in the New Europe and Beyond 25
1991 Cardiff Business School  Preparing Marketing for the New Millenium 24
1990 Oxford Polytechnic  Recent Developments in Marketing 23
1989 Glasgow Business School  Marketing Audit of the 80s 22
1988 Huddersfield Polytechnic  Marketing – Past, present and future 21
1987 Warwick University Reviewing Effective Research and Good Practice in Marketing 20
1986 Plymouth Polytechnic  Managing Marketing 19
1985 University of Stirling  Marketing in the 90s and Beyond 18
1984 Institute of Marketing, Cookham Marketing Education – Education for Marketing 17
1983 Cranfield School of Management Back to Basics: the 4Ps revisited 16
1982 Lancaster University Marketing - Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice 15
1981 Dublin, College of Marketing & Design  Marketing - Future Imperfect 14
1980 Heriot Watt    Marketing into the ‘80s (joint with EAARM)    13
1979 Bristol    New Directions in Marketing and Research 12
1978 Hull College of Higher Education Workshops - Marketing Education / Recessional Marketing / Marketing Theory and Practice 11
1977 London Business School Developments in Marketing - Theory, Practice and Teaching 10
1976 Strathclyde Buyer Behaviour 9
1975 Norwich  Marketing Is … The Latest Thing 8
1974 University of Lancaster Marketing as a Non-American Activity 7
1973 University of Kent at Canterbury        6
1972 University of Keele        5
1971 University of Keele  "1st” National Marketing Teacher’s Conference 4
1970 No meeting      
1969 Ashridge    Seminar (not counted as a full conference)  
1968 Harrogate    Teachers of Marketing at advanced level 3
1967 Harrogate    Teaching of Marketing Conference 2
1966 Harrogate    First convened meeting of marketing teachers in the UK 1

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